Numerous Immigration Statuses in the United States


The modern world has become a vast melting pot filled with lively families that transcend a number of borders, which is certainly something to admire and value. However, keeping track of immigration regulations can be challenging. This blog concisely discusses the 4 types of United States immigration statuses.

The United States receives numerous tourists. Many people migrate seeking employment, education, or simply better possibilities. Against this backdrop, America is best recognized as the Land of Opportunity. However, to visit or even reside in the United States, a valid visa or Green card is required. There are a lot of ways to obtain temporary residence and eventually attain permanent residency status.






Citizenship is the first type of status, and there are three ways to obtain citizenship. The first is to be born a U.S. citizen (jus soli: any person who is born in the United States gains citizenship at birth) and the second is to have at least one parent with U.S. citizenship (jus sanguinis: If you’re born in another country but one of your parents is a citizen, then you automatically have citizenship in the US). The final option is to complete the naturalization procedure. A person is eligible for citizenship if they have been a permanent, upstanding resident of the United States for at least five years.






Permanent Resident

A permanent resident is not the same as citizenship since, despite having the right to work and reside indefinitely in the United States, permanent residents cannot vote and are susceptible to deportation. Green cards, also known as permanent residency cards, are issued by US Citizenship and Immigration Services. It serves as evidence of their status.







Non-immigrants are persons who are permitted to temporarily remain in the United States. This includes those who travel to the United States for research, tourism, or temporary protection. Frequently, it also involves those seeking a K-1 visa from their partner. If a non-immigrant violates US law or their visa, their status may be changed to that of an undocumented individual.







Undocumented immigration is the only sort of immigration that is illegal by nature. Those who fall into this group are unauthorized to reside in the United States. They have no access to health care in the United States, are not permitted to work legally, and are not issued a driver’s licence. Individuals can become undocumented if they overstay their visa or illegally enter the United States.

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